The Lion King and Peter Pan Jr. Editions

​The Lion King
Peter Pan
Jr. Editions

Summer 2015

Director: Emily Twines
Cast: campers ages 5-10

​During each of the two month-long cycles, campers had the opportunity to choose theatre as an elective, meaning they would come rehearse for an hour-long period about 4 days per week. I worked with three age groups – the youngest learned song, dance, and lines for the Lion King, while the middle and oldest groups learned Peter Pan*.

I ran projections as the primary scenic element, which allowed us to play with shadows and shadow puppets in Peter Pan. We also painted pictures of animals, put together costumes using clothing and face paint, and cross-stitched manes for Mufasa/Simba and Scar for The Lion King.

*During session 1 we had enough older campers to perform a variety show