The Future is Not a Dream

The Future is Not a Dream

Emily Twines, Jon DeGaetano, and Janine Renee Cunningham

Coming April, 2020

Is there space for hope?

The contemporary world imaginary is tinged with fear — fear of the ecological, social, and political fate of peoples and our planet. With the climate emergency mounting and the worldwide reemergence of far-right nationalisms, talk of these particular crises is becoming more and more common. But does another, more immediate crisis rumble beneath the surface: one of direction, of efficacy, of hope? 

Using Murray Bookchin’s phrase “Demand the impossible” as a site for exploration, Mangeront’s interdisciplinary performance and installation piece The Future is Not a Dream starts, not from uncertainty, but from utopia. Through interactive technologies, fictional future oral history installations, movement, and humor, the piece seeks to represent viable utopian models attainable in the present day. Equal parts thought experiment, future archeology and documentary, The Future is Not a Dream confronts contemporary uncertainties  by proclaiming that yes, there is space for hope; that yes, utopia is possible; and insisting that no, whatever we may fear, the future is not a dream.

This ongoing work fulfills thesis requirements for the Performance and Interactive Media Arts MFA program.