It has been a great source of joy to me to be able to engage in a wide range of projects, from directing and dramaturging realistic productions and deconstructions of canonical texts all the way to writing, programming, and performing technologically driven devised works using programs like MaxMSP. Though I enjoy working on a range of subjects in a variety of forms, the guiding question of my work has always been, “How can I make work that co-creates in its audience an impulse to sustained and meaningful political action?” To this end, I am interested in  producing pieces that are diverse in style and tone, as I am both curious about trying the effects of different tactics on the work and I believe that each text, broadly speaking, and its corresponding audience has its own unique needs; rather than create a sense of “style” through my body of work, I hope to bring to each project attentive listening to the situation and to be able to respond appropriately, as I feel that only this methodology can fully serve the artists and audience responsible for the piece’s ultimate creation.

I have had the great fortune to have worked on projects in the company of people of truly outstanding creative talent, some of whom are pictured in these pages. Though at this point they are too many to list here exhaustively, I want to thank a few folks here from the bottom of my heart for all the time and energies they’ve put in to these various endeavors. The beautiful thing about theatre is that no one does it alone, and because of these wonderful human beings, I’ve never had to. ​

PIMA cohort past and present:
Inkyoung Bae
(John Baylies)
Sangmin Chae
Malena Dayen
Chanan Ben Simon

Project-specific collaborators: 
Stephanie Taylor and Adrienne Wagner of Maintaining Subversion
Ryan Dempsey, Margaret McDuffy, Chris Witherspoon and Liana Afuni of “Beyond Skin Deep
The campers at Kenmont/Kenwood camps 2015 of The Lion King and Peter Pan
Claire Corddry and Jesse Luciani of “Dragonfruit
Emily Caffery, Javon Minter, and Connor Sheridan of “Are You Honest” 
Tucker Bryan, Dan Chen, and Elizabeth Evans of “Harassment” 
Ingrid Vollset, and John Wu​ of Brilliant Traces
Whitney Biancur, Sarah Boatright, Tucker Bryan, Richard Bull, Elizabeth Evans, Andrew Fallaize, Richard Lafleur, Ryan Marcone, Mary McDonnell, Ariel Seidman-Wright, and Kelsey Shapira of Northanger Abbey
The Brickabrack Ensemble of The Hope Frieze
Sina Heiss and her collaborators on The Bride Project
Matthew Woods and the whole Lizzie Borden cohort