PIMA 7010 (A Laboratory)

PIMA 7010 (A Laboratory)

Fall 2018

“Watermelon” by John Baylies, Chanan Ben Simon, and myself

From the first collaboration of the program, this response required that we incorporate givens such as 3 pieces of technology, a food, a magic trick, 6 photoshopped images and I can’t even remember what else. I wrote a text in a fit of early morning inspiration which ended up serving as our jumping off point for the rest of the short project that Chanan narrated and underscored and then both he and John edited. John also wrote a Max patch for us that used audio input to vary the saturation of the RGB values in the film. 

Though there is no record of the performance itself, I am happy to share the video we projected behind ourselves as we performed the final piece. It played while we opened the pre-skinned watermelon (in a magic trick), cut it into pieces, sat an shared it between ourselves, and then offered it to the rest of the audience as well. Notable was the smell and sound of the watermelon in the room, which of course can never really  be captured after the fact. 

“Hurricane” by Inkyoung Bae, Sangmin Chae, Jon DeGaetano, and myself

This was the second project we worked on. It was roughly contemporaneous with a news story that revealed the US had failed to distribute an obscene amount of water to communities in Puerto Rico devastated by recent hurricanes. For my part, I collected interviews done with people affected by the storms and, with sounds created in Ableton by Jon, produced a soundscape that built to a crescendo as projections (designed by Sangmin) of water cycled around the room. The video pictured at right was designed by Inkyoung.

​Hallelujah by Inkyoung Bae, Sangmin Chae, and myself 

***watch in highest res available

The challenge of this week was for us to choose a “classic text” and then to go off and produce something each individually in a different category of presentation (audio, visual, and/or bodies in space) in secret, with the only guide being that it would last 6m14s. So the three of us had no idea what the others were preparing and we only saw the result of our work live. 

Inkyoung did audio, Sangmin visuals, and I provided the “bodies in space” element. 

Credit of course to Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen.